Statement from the CEO

Dear Shareholder

Beyond the purely financial, 2021 also allowed us to commit to ESG targets which are industry leading and more aggressive than any of our peers. By 2040 we will reach net-zero. Well before that we will be free of fossil fuel. No other lime producer has set targets of this level of ambition and no other building materials producer has made progress along ultra-low carbon offering as we have. It is a part of our development we are very proud of and will continue to pursue.

Our Roadmap

Roadmap to Net-Zero

As a business our overall aim is to ensure sustainable returns to our shareholders.

As a Group we are committed to ensuring this can be done in a manner where we minimise risks, seize opportunities and so that our business continues to be strong in the years to come.

Our focus on returns to shareholders is through our 4i principles, all of which are underpinned by ESG.

Shareholder returns are an output of our inputs, which are our business model and ESG principles.


All concrete products available in low carbon and ultra-low carbon 


100% utilisation of all production materials 


Alternative fuels used in mobile equipment 


Alternative fuels used in fixed equipment (e.g lime and asphalt)


All kilns are carbon neutral 



Our Strategy

Only in businesses with solid intrinsic value;

Only in businesses with the potential to be improved and grown;

Only in businesses which can be bought at an attractive valuation.

The motivation of management to drive growth;

The ultimate offering to the local market and community;

The operational and financial performance of the business.

By building platforms of compatible businesses;

By unlocking those synergies which do not come at a significant cost;

By recognising the value of what previous owners built.

By providing product and service solutions to current and future problems;

By embracing technological advance within the running of our businesses;

By challenging the status quo to drive our businesses and industry forward to meet social and environmental challenges ahead.

Our Timeline

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