Joint Venture with Carrières du Boulonnais


SigmaRoc is pleased to announce that it has signed a joint venture agreement with major Calais based high grade limestone and construction materials company, Carrières du Boulonnais (‘CB’), part of Groupe Carrières du Boulonnais (‘Groupe CB’), which has become a 25% shareholder in Granulats du Hainaut (‘GduH’), with the aim of expanding GduH into a Benelux and Northern France wide supplier of limestone products. As a shareholder, CB will assist in the development of GduH from a financial and technical perspective and materially increase GduH’s market presence in these target markets. As a result, it is expected the target footprint for GduH’s activities will reach beyond Belgium and into Northern France. GduH is the Group’s Benelux production and distribution subsidiary and SigmaRoc will continue to wholly own its quarrying assets in Belgium.

As part of the Joint Venture agreement, CB has agreed to co-fund the new crushing and screening installations planned to be built by 2024 at GduH’s aggregates operations at Carrières du Hainaut. CB will also lend its vast technical expertise in the sector to optimally set up the new installations and their product offering. As a result, GduH will be able to commence servicing the Benelux and Northern French markets and, following the expiry of its existing agreement to supply LafargeHolcim in 2024, supply over two million tonnes of virgin construction aggregates per year, making it one of the largest suppliers in the region.

About Groupe Carrières du Boulonnais

CB is part of Groupe CB, which is a major independent supplier of construction aggregates and High Grade Limestone products, destined for the Metals, Pulp, Chemical and Agricultural industries. Groupe CB has a distinguished history of family ownership dating back 120 years and is presently held and managed by its founding family.

Groupe CB is headquartered at Ferques, near Calais in France, at one of Europe’s largest quarrying operations. Connected by rail to supply multiple platforms in Paris, it is a major operator in the French construction materials market. Furthermore Groupe CB operates a large network of quarries and concrete plants across France and has a further presence in 30 countries via several Joint Venture partners.

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